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Jul 16, 2011 6:00pm PDT
gotten death threats. they will not reveal where she is going. >>> rupert murdoch is apologizing after a phone hacking scandal that has gotten worldwide attention. a full-page ad saying we are sorry circulated all over the uk today. murdoch's signature is seen at the bottom. now, the ads come after allegations journalists from his now defunct tabloid "news of the world" hacked into the phone messages of young murder victims and others. the publication was shut down last week. >>> in other "news of the world" tonight a deadly crackdown in syria sparks a massive response. tens of thousands filled the streets of the capital today continuing the largest protests since unrest began in the spring. some carried the coffins of slain protestors. government troops killed at least 32 people this weekend as opposition leaders met in turkey. secretary of state hillary clinton criticized the crackdown saying syria's future is up to its people. >>> double bombings in iraq today killed at least five people. a minibus exploded outside a restaurant in baghdad and another went off near a shrine in karbal
Jul 9, 2011 6:00pm PDT
hours. the news of the world front page says simply thank you and good-bye. rupert murdoch decided to shut down the 168-year-old tabloid amid allegations that reporters hacked into cell phones of celebrities, families of fallen soldiers and even a young murder victim. >>> well, it is day two of the royal newlyweds' california trip and the couple spent it in the sun on the polo field. prince william took part in a polo match in santa barbara this afternoon with his wife, kate watching. hundreds of people gathered at the field to catch a glimpse of the duke and duchess of cambridge. tickets to that match sold for more than $4,000. money that will now go to charity. >>> in southern california, but they probably like the weather here in northern california as well. mark is in the weather center with more. mark? >> we're happy with it as well with the fog, making this pretty cool across the region. especially inland. no longer the extreme heat. we've been talking about the 90s. warmest locations inland in the lower 80s this afternoon. right now on the maps, i can show you this on live stor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2